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We had a great networking with Chis Pulliam CEO of Young and Lit Clothing

If you haven’t heard of this brand you are completely missing out ! Today we have a great session with Entrepreneur Chris Pullium

CEO Cris Pulliam of “Young & Lit” started his brand in 2020 and has had plenty of successes since then. Pulliam says that the reason he picked his brand’s name was because he wanted to live a “young and lit lifestyle”. The young CEO also says that it doesn’t matter at what age you start but that the lifestyle is for everyone.

Some of Pulliam’s biggest accomplishments have been getting his brand recognized, seeing others wear his product, wearing his own brand, and being a positive influence on others. With all successes come challenges, however. Pulliam says that he took a few risks that didn’t end very well but quickly learned that from every loss comes a lesson to be learned.

When asked if he regrets any decisions, Pulliam says no. His advice to other young entrepreneurs is to always be coachable and to take your time getting to know the lay of your own land. Being able to talk to others, explain your brand, and stay focused on your goals is also important. Pulliam stresses that networking and marketing is key.

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