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Versatile Magazine presents Loyalty Runs Deep Clothing with “Matthew Riemersma”

Matthew Riemersma's story is inspiring—becoming a CEO at just 16 years old is quite an achievement. His brand, "Loyalty Runs Deep," founded on September 8th, 2021, reflects his commitment to creating something meaningful. Living by the principle of loyalty, he has embedded this value into the core of his brand. It's impressive to see such determination and clarity of purpose at such a young age.

Matthew Riemersma's recent accomplishment of nearly selling out his latest drop in less than 24 hours, without any promotion, is a testament to the appeal and quality of his brand, "Loyalty Runs Deep." This rapid success has opened doors for him to connect with influential figures in the industry, including artists and influencers. Being able to interact with big names like Sada Baby, RMC Mike, Louie Ray, Ynjay, and others, both onstage and backstage, demonstrates the impact his brand has had within the music and fashion communities. It's an impressive feat for someone so young and underscores the potential for even greater success in the future.

Facing challenges is an inevitable part of entrepreneurship, and it's commendable that Matthew Riemersma has persevered despite setbacks. The experience with his tracksuit drop serves as a valuable lesson in navigating the unpredictable nature of business. It's not uncommon for entrepreneurs to encounter difficulties with inventory management and sales projections, especially early in their journey. Riemersma's willingness to acknowledge these challenges and learn from them will undoubtedly contribute to his growth and success in the long run.

Regardless, he states that he has no regrets. “I just look at situations as learning experiences,” Riemersma says. He confesses that he could have done a lot of things better, including promotion, quality, and even photoshoots but that there is always room for improvement and that is his main focus as of late.

When asked what advice he would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Riemersma says to “do your research and go for it”. He advises others to remember that there’s no right way to do it and that everyone’s journey is different. Lastly, he says, “You will learn as you go” inspiring others to make good on their dreams.


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