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Versatile Magazine Collab with Baltimore Clothing Brand Kodeen Is Dope. Tae Vibez and Baby K Modeled "Wockardt" Sweatsuits.

Updated: May 8

Now Family if you been tuned in, you know we are real good friends with #KofiDeen and we are a big fan of Kodeen is Dope ( Clothing brand ). We pulled up to his photo shoot and had a great session ! 


 Big Shout out to Kofi Deen for Allowing us to be apart of the set to give y'all a peek of how the process went. Co Founder /Influencer #TaeVibez will be Releasing The full Vlog on his YouTube Channel. Tune in Now! ( TaeVibezYT )

"I can't even lie to y'all. These sweatsuit too hard ! y'all gotta show bro some love for this one."- Tae Vibez

The Black Wockhardts Hoodie  is one of of Kofi's Top Selling Pieces. Having multiple Influencer's and Artist in the #DMV area, not only promoting the hoodie but stepping out on the everyday basis. Just because the Texture of the hoodie.

"The Overall Shoot was a Great First Time Experience for our team. Everyone worked hard and we can't wait to Tune in with Some of the best Clothing Brands in the Industry. In the meantime we are focusing on building our brands and some Exclusive Pieces that can only be purchased through our magazine thanks to BabyK creative mind. in the mean time go subscribe and tune in with the Latest Fashion" - Nardo Krazzy

After a Few Words from the Ceo and Founder himself i believe that we should be seeing some updates coming soon ! Me personally I can't wait. I hope you all enjoyed this short reading make sure you go shop KodeenisDope* for the Latest Fashion and subscribe to the magazine to for the Latest Fashion because we have an Eye for it.

Signed......... Olivia Facey

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