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Turning Dreams into Reality with Milan Harris.

Versatile Magazine presents Milano Di Rouge as a one of our Sponsored Brands Learn the history of behind the luxury streetwear brand and the many accomplishments of Milan Harris

Born and Raised in the rough streets of Philadelphia PA, The Serial Entrepreneur who created an 8 Figure Empire, a major audience, and a dream many American's Dream about. 

Milan Harris, also known as “Milan Rouge” is the founder and CEO of the worldwide luxury Streetwear brand known as  “Milano Di Rouge.”  that was launched back in 2012.

Milan worked effortlessly to make a name for herself. She initially launched the brand with 2 shirts and enough confidence to sell her product all over Philadelphia in her 2009 Nissan Altima.

Building the Company from the ground up, Today Milano Di Rouge is known to be an all-size-inclusive multi-million-dollar Fashion Brand. and in this article we are here to recognize the Success of another Black Entrepreneur who created a major impact to her community.

Before the Fashion Takeover, 

Milan created exposure for herself by inspiring her audience through her Blog Page ( back in 2012. She was able to catch the eye of more than 100,000 Readers in 3 months which is pretty impressive. She than took advantage of that moment and Launched “Milano Di Rouge” to show her love for fashion.

The Impact of Milan "Rouge"

 Milan is also the founder “The Womenaire Club” and  “The Mamanaire Club.” Led to give woman and Mothers recources to become sucessfull and motivation to elevate their lifestyle. 

For Small Business Saturday, Milan gave back by spending $10,000 with small businesses around the country

In partnership with the non-profit organization Soles4Soles, Milan donated 1,000 of Milano Di Rouge’s sweat suits and 25,000 pairs of the brand’s slides to Haiti and other third-world countries

In collaboration with Black Lightning actress and Y-FEAR founder, Nafessa Williams, Milan hosted the “20K Challenge” for women in need by donating $1,000 to 20 women, helping them to pay their bills during the holiday season

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