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Meet Baltimore Entrepreneur Chance Sanderlin, The CEO of Overrated Brand.

Baltimore Entrepreneurs continue to rise and today we will be talking about one of the youngest to ever do it !

March 18, 2018. Chance Sanderlin (a young entrepreneur) created Overrated “Cultuur” Brand to stand out from the crowd at a young age. Showing people his creativity and versatility while becoming a positive influencer was rare for most kids his age. Growing up in Baltimore city overrated brand became motivation that Chance needed to keep his future bright considering it was not a lot of support around him at the time. “The Brand helped me build character and helped me learn so much when it comes to dealing with money and dealing with people , how to network and also market myself and business.” — Chance Sanderling.

Chance faced a lot challenges while building my brand. With the amount of support the brand is getting from the people around him an also dealing with budgets, properly setting up a payroll, building an audience and increasing sales, it’s not easy at all. and not to mention finding vendors and manufacturers. Creating a clothing brand come with alot of headaches but we continue to move through it and maintain consistency and dedication.

Some accomplishments that Chance have made were seeing people confidently walk around in his product , seeing people wear his clothings means so much to him knowing that everything that i put out there has such a deeper meaning to it. This boosted up Chance confidence as he continue to drop new products for his summer collection.

A message that chance wants to leave with all the readers and people who want to build their own brand. “It’s not always about what you know sometimes it can be about who you know and the information you can learn from someone who has already made it in what you aspire to do” — Chance Sanderlin ( Ceo of Overated “Cultuur” Brand )


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