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Atlanta Georgia Fashion Designer Chloe Williams featuring Trap Hippieee Closet

Representing Atlanta, Georgia. Showing her Creativity through making denim, she plans to take the fashion industry by surprise !

Chloe Williams is a young fashion designer from Atlanta Georgia, she’s also the CEO of the brand we are about to learn more about in a couple of seconds. After a brief conversation with the artist we have a clear understanding that “Trap-Hippieee Is more than art, it is a way of life.”

Trap-Hippieee was established May 2018. Ever since Chloe was a child she knew would be different. One of Chloes first popular items was the “1 of 1” hoodie that she made for Atlanta artist “ Lil Quill”. Shortly after, her custom made garments would spread around town which led to Chloe to start networking to create more opportunities with her brand.

To find a stable income while designing garments Chloe joined the Navy. and during her time in service she started to drift away from fashion and doing what she loved most. This became very challenging for her she stated in her interview with VersatileHm “Everyday that i went without making clothes i felt like i was losing myself “ Chloe Manage to overcome her challenges by getting back into disigning garments. Chloe stated that she wished she would’ve followed her gut around this difficult time for her but she know that when it’s her time to shine again she will.

“never give up on your dreams, always keep going even if it feels like nobody is supporting you. Always think about the bigger picture” -Chloe Williams


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